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Today’s radio playlist here.

Although the actual material was perhaps more disco-related than purist uncut disco in the traditional vein, that was probably the most disco-ish show I will ever play. And yes, it was fun.

Also fun was giving away tickets. Another DJ first for me. I think that guy must have employed the finger-hovering-over-the-last-number while waiting for the DJ to stop talking method. Which worked, and I wish I had a car and free tickets to the Dap-Kings.

Here’s DJ Hugonaut’s tip of the week for the aspiring college disc jockey: if you’ve got something playing in the background while you talk through a set break, turn that down at the end of the break, but don’t turn it off yet. That way, when you cue up the next track and it turns out to be the wrong one, you can just turn the background music back up, which will cover the dead air while you hunt desperately for the track you actually wanted to play. This I learned today. Twice.

Also, don’t be afraid of theme sets. They induce requests. Also, play that Tarwater song that sounds like David Slyvian doing his best to do electro. That’s kind of cool. Also, play every single song on the Nighthawks at the Diner album from Tom Waits.

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