Music Epic Obscure and Flat Out Rockin

It’s Monday morning, post-show, and I’m already putting together next week’s show. Requests for the Protomen and the Akira soundtrack are now getting sorted out. Not to mention a tonne of suggestions that have come in for the end of the week. Indeed, in case you somehow missed the announcement,

This Thursday and Friday

It’s the Resurrection of 2-4s and Mickeys
wcbn’s own Canadian music and culture show
1-3pm both days, with DJ Hugonaut, Native of the North

*I’m cutting it down to one show, it was getting out of hand preparing for it and hey, this is a school week. But it’s cool that my show was getting out of hand (always escalate).

So get ready for that. I was just going to do Thursday but I’ve got music ideas flooding in from the US, Canada, Korea, you name it. The Reverend Andrew has threatened to drop in with some of his own favourite Canadiana. It’s the Special Relationship, made even Specialer.

OK, today’s music:


Part one (download):

Part two (download):

Part three (download):

ps. I’m really digging this compilation of international surf/mexicali sounding instrumental rock numbers, that I played a couple of tunes from. I know nothing about it, except it rulez.

  • wcbn-2007-11-19-060001-EST.mp3
  • wcbn-2007-11-19-070001-EST.mp3
  • wcbn-2007-11-19-080001-EST.mp3

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