Dj. Who Goes Treeplanting


This week I finally figure out what my dj name is, and dedicate the show mostly to treeplanting, which I will now leave to go do. So this is the last show of the term. I’ll be back in town later in summer, and I’m already looking forward to doing random time slots then.

Our music server has been acting up lately, and towards the end the left audio channel drops out. Sorry about that.

All of the explicitly planting-related songs can be had for free at the Peppermill Records website.

  • hugonaut24apr2008.mp3


I have to write a cyber ethics paper. and we talked a lot about blogging and sort of the idea of how the internet changes interpersonal relationships and how when you interact on the internet there is a completely new moral code.. i am also a tree planter. its how i found this blog. i was looking for a company called e.l.f. but i was wondering if you would be into discussing philosophical, cyber ethical ideas with me so i can write my paper with the perspective of having really used the tool for the purpose while exploring the ideas that im reading about… does that make sense? i defiantly just picked a random entry because i like the radio show that was attached to it…

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