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(Apologies for the ragged start, we had a theme-music failure and had to jump into the gap.)

First, the news:

This week we talked about Detroit. It wasn’t nearly enough time, but we began to ask the question: what does environmentalism look like in the big and weird city? Thanks to Michelle Martinez from The Greening of Detroit and the Sierra Club, and Kerry Duggan of the League of Conservation Voters, active Detroitist, and Domiana Carter and the crew at Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice. Thanks also to the School of Public Health for helping organize our Toxic Tour field trip.

With music selections by Rob Linn of WCBN’s From Belle Isle to 8 Mile. Just a few of his cuts, listen to his show Tuesdays at 12 for a whole world of Detroit music:


(Co-host Gina Gettum is away in Belgium and Uganda this week, fighting to bring more fish stocks up to Sustainable Fish of the Week levels, but we’re hoping to check in with her via telephone next week.)

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