Things I Haven’t Blogged About Lately

It’s been a long time since I blogged. And I’m not going to right now either. Instead, here’s a list of some of the things that I’ve almost blogged about recently:

  • Context Signaling in US Military Communication
  • How the Scholarly Character of Wikipedia Responds to Perturbation
  • Ecologists Exchange Thoughts on Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management
  • Late/Early Thoughts on Tablet Computing
  • Analytical Implications of the Census Discontinuity
  • The Yasuni-ITT Deal

I advocate to new bloggers that they should maintain a consistent rhythm to their posts. The idea is that if you maintain a posting frequency, your readers will know roughly how often to check your blog. That way they won’t go away disappointed, even if you don’t blog all that often. I’ve been breaking that rule lately. Mostly I blame some of my friends who have recently gotten into blogging, and have raised the quality bar for me. Thanks a lot guys.

Incidentally, I appreciate that my peers are now arriving at blogging, just as we’re being told that blogs are dead. We’re also being told that the web is dead. Both are lies. The growth of blogging is slowing, and claiming that a decreasing acceleration is the same as death is a dependable fallacy of the western neo-capitalist mindset. And the growth of the web is actually accelerating. For heavens sake.

It’s just been a little quiet around this part of the web, that’s all.

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